Equipment Service

Printing/plotting equipment and service have various types of plans that can be very helpful to businesses needing to print a large volume of materials often. Contracts cover the cost of toner and all parts and service on the machines. For low volume offices, it may be more beneficial to your company to select a parts and service […]

Event Posters

Posters, in addition to providing a form of decoration and self-expression, have a long history of use in advertising as well. Typically using a combination of text and graphics, ad posters are designed to be both informative and visually appealing. While no longer a primary form of advertisement after the advent of mass communication tools like radio […]

Exhibit Displays

Graphics are a crucial aspect of attracting attendees to your booth during a trade show. They must illustrate the message you want to convey about your company quickly and clearly, especially if you are a smaller company that can’t rely on instant brand recognition. Here are some tips on having your graphics designed to maximize attention and […]

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are made from digital images or from scanned artwork. The canvas with the printed image is stretched on a frame and comes ready to hang without any assembly required, allowing you to display your image like a fine art piece. Canvas prints are available in a variety of formats and sizes; the most common […]

Wide-Format Printers

Printers classified as wide format are those that support any print roll width between 18 and 100 inches (ones that support over 100 inches are considered Super Wide printers). Wide format printers employ a roll of material rather than individual sheets and are used to print such things as posters, vehicle wraps, wallpaper and other large signage […]