3D Wall Logos


3D Wall Logos – Picture-perfect lettering to stand out and be vibrant.

3D Wall Logos

33D wall logos will make logos stand out in retail, school or business environments. Custom lettering for a company logo is a clear way to communicate the brand’s identity and atmosphere. Metal lettering in particular is a distinct, durable and timeless option. Various manufacturing types can be chosen from when making metal letters. The two primary choices are flat cut letters and cast metal letters.

bikeFlat Cut Metal – these types of solid metal letters are available in aluminum, brass, bronze, copper and stainless steel. It allows for letters and logos that are durable inside and out, with precision cuts beginning from 1/8” to 1” thickness.   Production involves water jets and lasers to precisely cut the aluminum letters from the extremely durable raw materials. Polish or custom-painted colors can be applied to match the logo and reflect the brand’s image better. Industry standard computer-driven routers cut each sign letter to precision; this combined with state of the art engineered manufacturing can create custom high-quality signs that meet a logo’s specifications. For these reasons, flat cut metal is a popular choice for lettering in large logos and signs.

GoldCast Metal – Hand-finished cast aluminum and bronze letters. The process involves pouring material into a mold to create the cast metal letters. This is a common method for serving the lettering needs of financial institutions, government buildings and universities. This cost-effective method provides a variety of finishes, which include anodized aluminum and cast metal. Anondized aluminum involves an electrochemical process that hardens the material and allows it to be colorized. With this finish, the letters are resistant to fading and cracking from sunlight, among other kinds of weather damage and abrasion. Cast metal letters are very long-lasting – fabricators should meet the Aluminum Anodizes Council and American Institute of Architects’ guidelines to ensure Earth-friendly lead and mercury-free alloys are used to deter as much environmental damage as possible.  Logos using any finish option of polished, oxidized and anodized materials look beautiful and have various customization options for durable sign needs. The cost-effective manufacturing systems are an important point to consider when ordering multiple signs that ensure consistent corporate identification needs are met. In the marketplace today, cast metal letters are the best value thanks to their long-lasting materials.

westernCustom letter production is a stunning sign solution for corporate identification. Sign and letter production start from a 2D electronic art file; it is then produced as a 3D logo with unlimited customization options for finish, size, colors and shapes.