Banners & Bannerstands


Full Color Banners – When it comes to environmental graphics for a trade show, wall, fine art, floor, sidewalk, poster or adhesive vinyl graphics, we are your best resource. We can provide endless possibilities with installations, effects and substrates for any venue.
Bannerstands – We offer a wide variety of sizes and configurations. Our banner stand retractors are durable, lightweight and make transportation a breeze. From popup displays, tension fabric displays and table throws, Lawton Reprographic Centers deals with every kind of display – from portable to custom.

Banners & Banner Stands

Printed banners and banner stands are still an effective way to grab attention and promote your business, even in this modern age where a large amount of advertising is done over the internet and other electronic methods.  Here are a few advantages of using banners or banner stands to advertise:

  • Low cost: Banners are much more economic to produce compared to TV or radio ads, especially if your company has the proper software and materials to create banners themselves. If not, however, there are print shops offline and online who offer very competitive pricing for producing your banner to your specifications, no matter how large or complex your graphic is. UV-cured inks also help with the banner’s durability by retaining quality and holding up against scratches better than standard inks, allowing it to last longer than a typical printed sign if you choose this option.
  • Targeted marketing for your location: Banners displayed at a trade show or event can be targeted to the the interests or needs of the event’s attendees based on the content offered at the event, guaranteeing that those who see your ad may have interest in your business.
  • Easy to remember compared to other advertising methods: Many people will tune TV or radio advertisements out if they are distracted by something else. Visually-based methods such as banners, however, won’t be ignored as easily, especially if they are large and in an area where many people will pass by each day. Repeated exposure to the banner can make your business easy to remember for potential customers.
  • Size and display versatility: Banners can be produced in virtually any size and can be mounted in various ways. You can have a very large one mounted to a wall, hang a medium-sized one from a fixture, or place a smaller one on a retractable stand. Having a banner printed on certain materials, such as Palight PVC, can offer durability for outdoor display. Flags or streamers will flutter in the wind and be even more eye-catching than the standard banner, as well as having easy portability due to the retractable stand and relatively small size.

Banner_Biogen Lounge_72 x 24 copyBanners of many shapes and sizes remain an integral strategy for spreading the word about your business. Call Lawton Reprographics today for the utmost quality in banner design and printing solutions in Dallas!