Exhibit Displays


Exhibit Displays – We offer a wide variety of sizes and configurations. Our Bannerstand retractors are durable, lightweight and made to make transportation a breeze. From popup displays, tension fabric displays and table throws Lawton Reprographic Centers is everything displays – portable to custom.

Exhibit Displays

Graphics are a crucial aspect of attracting attendees to your booth during a trade show. They must illustrate the message you want to convey about your company quickly and clearly, especially if you are a smaller company that can’t rely on instant brand recognition. Here are some tips on having your graphics designed to maximize attention and attendance to your trade show booth.

  • Keep it simple: Try not to use too many bright colors, too many photographic images or too much text. An overwhelming display at your booth may leave visitors put off by how busy it looks or unsure about what your business’s main message is. A small amount of colors used in your displays (try to keep it to three maximum) keeps your area looking streamlined. Similarly to a billboard, one or two large and simple main graphics that convey information about your business is key – too many different images will leave things looking cluttered and may obscure what you are trying to say about your company.
  • Use a tagline: It is said that you have three seconds to grab the attention of viewers in advertising, and it is the same for your trade show exhibit display. Try to create a tagline that describes your business with six words or less that the viewer can interpret quickly. Being too wordy may complicate the message you’re trying to send. A font and text size that is easily legible from far away is best – try using a sans serif font as well for better long-distance visibility.
  • Take advantage of positioning: If there is a clear traffic flow at the venue, you can plan the placement of your display around where viewers are likely to come from in order to maximize visibility of your display.
  • Keep things consistent: Your branding on your exhibit display should remain consistent with your marketing materials – a different kind of display for each one will only lead to confusion for your viewers.

With the right graphics and placement, your exhibit display is sure to lead to a lot of attention for your business at your next event.  Contact Lawton Reprographics today for your exhibit display needs!