Fleet Graphics


Fleet Graphics- From window graphics to fleet graphics, we offer innovative products for creating uniquely printed graphics with a wide range of transparency and opaque media applications.

Fleet Graphics

Fleet graphics, also known as vehicle wrap, utilize the space on a vehicle to advertise a business with some sort of graphic. As you might imagine, this is an effective method of advertising – other drivers or pedestrians that pass by a car displaying these graphics are very likely to notice the vehicle and, by extension, the business advertised. In short, the vehicle becomes like a moving billboard. However, while it can be an effective advertising method, fleet graphics are also quite an investment. The following are some aspects of fleet graphics to keep in mind if you are considering implementing them for your business.

  • Consider the benefits: Before graphics are installed on company vehicles, it is important to think about the value of the graphics in your advertising strategy and the different vehicle types to be used. The choice of material, amount of space that the wrap will cover and the vehicle size can greatly affect the cost – and vehicle wraps are costly to begin with: anywhere between $1500 or less for a smaller car and $4000 for a full wrap on a large semi-trailer. Graphics meant to be in use for several years will also be more expensive than short-term ones since more durable material will be needed. Consider how effective the use of these graphics will be for your business’s advertising and whether the price will be worth it.
  • Think about the type of vehicles and materials to be used: On that note, differently sized vehicles will have different amounts of space that can be used for advertising with fleet graphics. It is best to not keep the graphics tailored to the specifics of one vehicle body if there is a chance that a different type of vehicle may be used by the company later. Instead, try to have it designed in a way that allows the wrap to work effectively across many types. Also consider which materials you will have the wrap printed on, as different ones will have different costs and last for different periods of time. Will you need a material that can be removed quickly and easily for a temporary advertisement, or are you planning to use your graphic for the next five to ten years? Do you want the vehicle to be fully wrapped, including bumpers and door handles, or would a partial wrap suit your needs better? Full wraps are the most costly, but can increase the value of your vehicle since a quality vinyl will keep the base paint in good shape and protect it from minor scratches. Partial wraps are less expensive and may not need to consider as much replacement from wear – a full wrap would likely include the door handles which are frequently used and thus would be worn down quickly, but a partial wrap may not involve areas like that. The quality of the material is also a factor – it is definitely worth paying extra for higher quality material since it will last for a much longer time, even for graphics that are for temporary use.
  • Keep the graphics simple: The message of your advertisement must be quickly understood while the vehicle is moving. Using a simpler design will convey your message to viewers as easily as possible and with minimal clutter caused by trying to cram too much information into the graphic. The most important aspects of the advertisement (name of the business, some indication of the type of service offered, address or contact information, etc.) should be prominent.

Vehicle graphics can be a good avenue for advertising your business, but many factors should be kept in mind before you take the plunge. Contact Lawton Reprographic Centers and we can discuss fleet graphics options with you.