Window Signage


Window Displays – From concept to completion, we will take care of your large format graphic needs with exceptional service and customer care. Our prints of displays and POP for windows utilize the quality of our advanced wide format ink jet presses.

Window Signage

Windows can be an invaluable tool for a business to advertise to passersby. In addition to using windows to display products, window signage is also an option to catch the eyes of those walking or driving past the storefront. Signage can be used to communicate any of the following to potential customers:

  • Special promos/sales
  • Store hours
  • The company logo
  • New inventory
  • Images that illustrate the business’s purpose

Virtually any type of business or industry can benefit from window signage – restaurants, retail stores, government offices, healthcare facilities, and more.

In order to effectively use these signs, however, it must be ensured that they convey the most essential messages about the business to the viewer. Types of window signage include window stickers, custom-sized hanging signs, and vinyl graphics. One must carefully choose how to best represent the business while also considering the functionality of the display, ease of use, and aesthetics that show off the business’s message or products in an appealing and thematic way. Here are three ways to boost the effectiveness of any type of window graphic:

  • Be bold: The average amount of time you have to grab the attention of a potential customer passing by is between five and ten seconds. Smart usage of short text headlines can prompt those going by to want to learn more or take action immediately to solve a problem that they feel your business could help with.
  • Use imagery: A picture is worth 1,000 words – and that is quite valuable when attempting to promote your business. An image can say instantly what words would need more space and time to convey, both of which you don’t have much of when using your window space. For example, a dentist’s office could use a window graphic of a beautiful smile to show what they can offer to customers.
  • Think about placement: You will need to make sure that the sign does not block light from streaming in through a window, which may hinder your customers’ view of your products. Another consideration is that tinted windows could affect how your graphics look if you are using a non-opaque window sticker or vinyl. You may want to cover your whole window with a graphic or only parts of it; this aspect of placement is important if you are also considering showing your products off in the window.

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In short, window graphics are highly effective for increasing traffic to your business, especially if utilized tactfully. Contact Lawton Reprographics today and we will be happy to assist with any of your window signage needs.