Printing Services and How They Help Your Business

20160424_152442In our world of modern technology, representing a business and providing for their need to present their message on a large scale is only possible through printing. This is the process of transferring words and pictures to paper in large volumes. Printers are used in conjunction with a computer to create text and color graphics to your specifications, along with output in color or black and white, the size you need, and number of copies you want to print. There are many types of printers, some of which are as follows:

  • Black and white, which are used for representing text and images in monochrome.
  • Color printing, which retains the image or text’s color. Note that different printing software, hardware or settings may cause color printouts to look differently than they do on the screen.
  • 3D printer. A recent invention, a 3D printer allows one to print three-dimensional objects.

Using printing services, we can produce a wide variety of booklets, brochures, forms, envelopes, cards, note cards, postcards, flyers, posters, letterheads, newsletters, business cards, and even custom manuals. There are also printers focused on printing artwork on fabric, murals, banners, custom signs and fleet graphics for large format needs.

Why do we need printing services?

There is a limitation to having mass printing capability at home. Printing services need dedicated space with cutting edge computers, printing hardware, and experienced professionals specializing in print design and production. Some of the advantages of printing services are:

  • Faster and more efficient printing.
  • Mass production of items like books, letterheads, newsletters, and business cards.
  • Ability to use a computer to produce graphics and text in the required format.
  • Designing logos and producing them on a banner or a brochure.
  • Making a small image into a larger print, also known as picture enlargement.
  • Custom designs, such as posters with images of your choice rather than relying on stock images.
  • Wall murals can be designed and printed using your choice of images.
  • Digital printing, which is a method of printing digital images onto various types of material – paper, banners and so on.

Lawton Reprographic Centers offers exceptional print services and document solutions using the most up-to-date and efficient digital methods, so contact us for your printing needs today!